Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kad Kahwin : Dayah & Ameyr

Assalamualaikum and hai.

Kad kahwin again! The order comes from Dayah (Kerry's cousin). Thank you Kerry for the recomendation :-) I'm sure we can collaborate again after this hehe.

Dayah request a simple kad kahwin with blue polkadot and request design thats similar to my kad kahwin. However I've done something to the card. My bad. Hopefully she's not mad at me.

Kad kahwin. Similar size to kad raya150mmx150mm. 260gsm artcard. 500pcs. Including pink envelope.

Interested? Email to

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Renee Meow said...

cantiknye..!!! me likey! :D

Zimie said...

tq renee, me likey too hehe

ctzainal said...

zimie, nak tau price utk yg ini. suke betul nih design ini!! :)
email sy tau

Zimie said...

done email you ct :)

Shiela Rahim said...

salam..bole send quo tuk kad ni? thanxx

Zimie said...

wslm, done email u shiela :)

Puteri Natyashastra said...

Salam.....bole x emailkn quo utk 600 kad tp nk warne turqouise..tq dear

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