Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sticker : Hazzarina and Suhairol

Assalamualaikum and Hai!!!!  

Another jobs of the thank you tag  scallop sticker. It was fun doing this :)

Customer, Hazzarina was so nice. She gave me her desired design and i make her wish come true ;p Thank you Hazzarina for your kind trust. Hopefully you like it because the font is a bit small huhuhu. May you have a blast and wonderful wedding my dear!

Quantity 1000 pcs. Material 80gsm sticker. Size 47x50mm. Scallop die-cut.

Any question? Email to me


Anonymous said...

Thanks Zimie,
Comel jgk walaupun kecik.tapi kenapa 800pc's je yer?-hazzarina

Cik Zimie said...

welcome hazzarina,sorry buat u confius.betul lah tu 1000pcs.sorry ye, sama2 terkejut dalam hal ini :p

Shiela Rahim said...

bole send quo utk ni? tq :)

Zimie said...

done shiela.
check inbox keh :)

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