Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sticker : Lysa and Kikey

Assalamualaikum and Hai!!!!

Sticker ordered by a bride to be bloggers, Lysa

Actually this is my first job doing scallop die cut sticker. Lysa designed this cute little sticker for her wedding doorgift. I just did the printing and scallop die cut. :)  Thank you Lysa for trusting me. I love doing this hehe.

Congratulations Lysa and Kikey!

Quantity 2000 pcs. Material 80gsm mirrokote sticker. Size 40x50mm. Scallop die-cut.

Any question? Email to me


SitiHalisa [Lysa] said...

yeay. cantik cantik. hehe
tq zimie ;)

Cik Zimie said...

welcome lysa.mesti letak kat jar tu lagi cantik.hehe congrats ye!! :)

emi said...

sticker ni kira macam mana yea? Price pls

Cik Zimie said...

hai emi, sorry lambat reply, emailkan ke nanti i bagitau harga nya.

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