Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bunting : Farah and Zahar

Assalamualikum and Hai!!!!

Like I promise before, this is Bunting for Farah as well.
She ordered 3 pieces. Size 2 x 4 ft.
Designed by myself. Wink wink.

She requested Pengantin Melayu instead of pengantin Kafirun! Hihi. Many drafts had been made and finally she choose this design which is looks simple yet cute! Me also love this design :)

Tadaaaa. The outcome!

Auch the images was not so clear. Camera Cokia macam ni la. I rather like my previous SE handphone. Duh.

Any question? Email to me


payid23 said...

nice one!hehebe

nida-razak said... quo untk bunting skali la..hehehe

Cik Zimie said...

payid~biasa2 je *masuk muka dalam bantal* :P

nida~hehe ok2 nnt zimie kasi sekali dgn sticker.check kt fb ye :)

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